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What is Digital Identity?

Digital IdentityClick to read  
Digital AttributesClick to read  
How to build your Digital Identity?

Monitor what people are finding out about you online.Click to read  
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Tips for Digital identity

Tips for Digital identity Click to read  

Digital Identity, Digital Attributes


The goal of this course is to teach:
- how to build Digital Identity
- how to show your identity online in the best light
- how exposing private information can influence your reputation
- what to post and what not to post to preserve your digital identity


This course is directed to adult people, who are learning to get around with social media and therefore they need to know how to build and preserve their online reputation and digital identity. It contains a list of advices that can help them to build their Digital Identity.

 Top 5 Key Facts

- What goes online stays online forever.
- It´s up to us to make Social Media a better and safer place.
- Be real. The Digital Identity is who you are.
- Think about how you appear online.
- Think about what is the smart thing to post.

 Contents in bullet points

1. Module name : Digital Identity
1.1. Unit name: What is a Digital Identity?
1.1.1. Section Name: Digital Attributes
1.2. Unit name: How to build your Digital Identity?
1.2.1. Section Name: Monitor what people are finding out about you online.
1.2.2. Section Name: Web Presence
1.3. Unit name: Tips for Digital identity
1.3.1. Section Name: Do’s.
1.3.2. Section Name: Don’ts.

 Reference Material

Facebook account creation tutorial:

Instagram account creation tutorial:

Pinterest account creation tutorial:

WhatsApp account creation tutorial:


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  4. What's Your Digital Identity?
  5. What is a Digital Identity? - Definition from
  6. 8 Ways to Use Social Media for Good
  7. What is Digital Identity?
  8. What is a domain name?

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