Building connections on social media
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Building your profesional network with Linkedin

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Building your friends’ network with Facebook

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Building your family network on my Heritage

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Sharing your opinion on Twitter

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At the end of this unit the learners will be able to:
- Choose the appropriate social network according to their needs
- Build professional connections on LinkedIn
- Interact and create their own friends’ network on Facebook
- Entertain their family network on My Heritage
- Share their opinions on Twitter


Social networking existed even before the Internet. In a nutshell, social networking is when a person uses already existing contacts to meet new people as potential social or business links. Such links, in turn, will help expand future connections. In this context, the leaders of interpersonal communications are definitely the social media. Social media help us establishing better relationships with our family and friends, but also to extend our professional network, to express our opinions and much more. But how to get oriented in this world of offers? This module proposes a practical guide to get acquainted and understand the opportunities of the social media, how to use them and why, what benefits we can get and so on.

 Top 5 Key Facts

1. Social media can help you to create and expand your professional network
2. Family trees websites and Facebook support you in getting in touch with family and friends
3. Twitter allows you to communicate and keep informed through

 Contents in bullet points

1. Unit 1 Networking and building connections on social media
1.1 Building your professional network in Linkedin
1.1.1 General context
1.1.2 How to use
1.2 Building your friends network on Facebook
1.2.1 General context
1.2.2 How to use
1.3 Building your family network on my Heritage
1.3.1 General context
1.3.2 How to use
1.4 Sharing your opinions on Twitter
1.4.1 General context
1.4.2 How to use