Online Security on Social Media
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Violations and risks

Identity theftClick to read  
Profile hacksClick to read  
SpamsClick to read  
Thinking you´re safe when you´re notClick to read  
Stalking targetClick to read  
BurglaryClick to read  
How to prevent them?

LoginsClick to read  
Strong passwordClick to read  
Two-factor authenticationClick to read  
Proper privacy settingsClick to read  
LinksClick to read  
Friend requestsClick to read  
Fake appsClick to read  
PostingClick to read  
Friends and/or followersClick to read  

Online Security, Social Media, Risks, Prevention, Posting information


The goal of this course is to teach adult digital migrants:
- how to protect and make themselves safer online
- how exposing private information can affect them
- what are the possible risks online
- how to prevent possible risks


This course is made for adult digital migrants, who are learning to get around with social media. It contains a list of violations and risks that can arise from exposing too much online and a list of things that the user can do to prevent those risks.

 Top 5 Key Facts

- What goes online, stays online forever.
- It´s up to us to make Social Media a better and safer place.
- Violations and risks are more frequent than you think.
- Higher level of security is a good practice.
- Think about what´s the smart thing to post.

 Contents in bullet points

1. Module name : Right, duties and responsibilities on the Net
1.1. Unit name: Online Security on Social Media
1.1.1. Section Name: Online Security on Social Media – Violations and risks
1.1.2. Section Name: Online Security on Social Media – How to prevent them?

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