Social Media Networks
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Posting in Social Networks

Features of Social NetworksClick to read  
Other networks, other rulesClick to read  
Private Messaging nets

Private Messaging netsClick to read  

Social netwoks, tool, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Snapshot, Hangout, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube


- Knowing about the different social networks and their characteristics.
- Avoiding mistakes and properly using of each social network.
- Getting used to the rules of each social network and its appropriate usage.
- Being able to distinguish the audience profiles of each social network and its purpose


This part of the course focuses on the description of the different social networks and their operation, in addition to knowing what the objective of each one is. The named social networks are constantly evolving, and each one has a different population segment; in addition, most social networks are not only used on a personal level to communicate people but are also used by organizations to get more customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…In addition, private social messaging networks such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Hanghouts, etc.

 Top 5 Key Facts

1.- Each social network has different characteristics and forms of use. You have to know how they work to interact with other users
2.- There are many kinds of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube, where the most important thing is your public part.
3.- Other social networks focus more on private communication, stories like WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Hangouts, etc.
4.- All social networks are continually updating, creating new utilities.
5.- Organizations use social networks to get customers and improve their brand image.

 Contents in bullet points

1.1. Unit name: Posting in social networks
1.1.1. Section Name: Features of Social Networks Contents:
● Twitting in a limited space (
● Facebook, a diverse but controlled space (
● Instagram and Pinterest , where images talk (
● Other networks, other rules
● LinkedIn (
● YouTube
● Flick
1.1.2. Section Name: Private messaging nets Contents:
● WhatsApp
● Snapchat
● Telegram
● Hangouts and others
● Facebook Messenger

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