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Slow navigation, self-limitation, technostress, digital mindfulness, internet addiction


At the end of this unit you will be able to limit yourself online and able to interact in a proper way with other users.


Technologies have entered our lives and have created a real form of dependency, often not recognized. How to balance the real need of being online with a potential overuse and internet-addiction? Slow navigation and self-limitation on the use of social networks and internet could help us. Let’s learn how to set a new balance and take control of ourselves and our real needs, enjoying life and our spare time. We might find pleasure in using technology without stress with a discovered wisdom and awareness. It is also important to learn and develop good practices in tech-life balance, using technology in a way that doesn’t have a negative effect on your personal life or relationships.

 Top 5 Key Facts

1. Technologies have entered our lives and have created a real form of dependency, often not recognized;
2. According to a study conducted by the University of Stanford, among the consequences of the technostress, (the stress generated by excessive use of electronic devices), there are memory disorders, drops in concentration, anxiety, insomnia and many others;
3. With Social Networks today we can do everything, but it is good to remember that there is a limit to everything

 Contents in bullet points

1. Module name : SLOW NAVIGATION


David Mikics, The art of Slow Reading, Garzanti, 2013;

Un educatore riflessivo [oltre il] 2.0. generatore di capacità

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