What is creativity?
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Creativity and nearby concepts

What creativity isClick to read  
What creativity is notClick to read  
Creativity and innovationClick to read  
Creative / non-creative peopleClick to read  
Factors that influence creativity

Conditions for creativityClick to read  
Internal creative factorsClick to read  
What the internal factors for creativity areClick to read  
External creative factorsClick to read  
What the external factors for creativity areClick to read  
Tips for improving a creative environmentClick to read  

Creativity, fantasy, imagination, originality, lateral thinking, innovation


Knowing what creativity is and what it is not
Exploring the conditions which contribute to increase creativity
Controlling and improving the own creativity in all fields
Improve your image and presence in social networks enhancing your creativity


This course tries to describe clearly and briefly what creativity is, faced to other concepts that are frequently confused with it, such as fantasy or imagination. Creativity is the ability to find new and improved solutions to problems, therefore, there is a basic condition in creativity that is effectiveness. Imagination, fantasy or extravagance do not necessarily require or add creativity. Authentic creativity stands on the principle of the Occam knife, which argues that the simplest expression is the most functional and effective in most cases. Creativity depends on internal factors (personal issues) and external factors (environmental conditions). To improve creativity, it is necessary to act on both groups of factors to the extent that the possibilities allow. Creativity at internet do not requires special skills: authenticity, sincerity, domain of the subject which someone is posting on, respect and a wide perspective are enough to ensure a smart and admirable behaviour. Some tips for improving personal creativity are offered in this training unit.

 Top 5 Key Facts

- Creativity is a common human skill: everybody is or can be creative
- Creativity is the raw material for innovation
- Creativity is necessary for progress
- Personal and organizational creativity could be improved
- Individual’s creativity does not depend on sex, race, nationality or age

 Contents in bullet points

1.1. Unit name: WHAT IS CREATIVITY?
Objectives and goals
1.1.1. Section name: Creativity and nearby concepts What creativity is What creativity is not Creativity and innovation Creative / non-creative people
1.1.2. Section Name: Factors that influence creativity Conditions for creativity Internal creative factors What the internal factors for creativity are
a) Intelligence
b) The experience and critical judgment
c) The education received
d) Motivation of achievement, of competition or self-realization
e) Self-confidence, security, curiosity, intelligent optimism, commitment to goals. External creative factors What the external factors for creativity are
a) The work environment
b) The organizational culture Tips for improving a creative environment
Objectives and goals
1.2.1. Section name: Tools for enhancing creativity Brainstorming Association, mixing, melting New uses Playing Taking risks Break routines and rules Listen your internal child
1.2.2. Section name: How to be creative at the internet The difficulty of being creative Struggling with creativity Creativity vs. extravagance Smart creativity in Internet


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