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ESSEI asbl (European Society for Social and Economic Integration) is a Brussels based NGO established in 2016 by a group of practitioners in the field of International Relations, European Affairs and Social Sciences. Its mission is to carry out research and analysis of socio-economic trends influencing the process of European integration, to facilitating it through information, awareness and capacity building activities.

ESSEI promotes EU integration by:

1) Creating knowledge: roundtables and brainstorming sessions, with publication of articles, policy memos and briefs

2) Sharing knowledge: ESSEI as a platform for knowledge creation and sharing on EU integration. 3) Brokering Partnerships: ESSEI as a networking platform to facilitate and broker partnerships.

ESSEI, thanks to the consolidated experience of its members, has the ability to carry out significant visibility and dissemination activities at EU level.

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Il progetto è stato finanziato con il supporto della Commissione Europea. Questo sito e i suoi contenuti riflettono il punto di vista dei soli autori e la Commissione non può essere considerata responsabile in nessun modo dell’uso che potrebbe essere fatto delle informazioni contenute.

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